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December 20, 2005|by TIM KOELBLE

Cleaning out the cobwebs with a potpourri of general stuff:

There have been a few adjustments to some rules in basketball this year, some involving uniforms. These changes are from the National High School Federation and are being enforced by local schools.

No longer will a jersey be allowed to hang out of a player's shorts. It must be tucked in and stay in, or technical fouls can be assessed. Now, we just need all officials to enforce the rule.

If a player has blood on his/her uniform, the change of uniform must take place in the locker room. That player can't even take the jersey off until he/she gets to the lockers. Kind of goes without saying, but it's being enforced.


There will be no further taunting by a player with specifics to tugging at the team logo on the jersey and pulling it forward while directed at the opposing team. Technicals will be assessed.

Also, there will be no foul shots attempted by an opposing team on a personal foul committed by the offensive team even after it is in the bonus.

The uniform standards lead me to one question: When will there be a mandate on finding a way to keep players' pants from hanging halfway down their buttocks?

Looks like there could be an all-star basketball doubleheader coming to town.

Dave Foltz, an assistant at North Hagerstown, is organizing what will be billed as the Washington County Roundball Classic. While the boys/girls doubleheader is being planned for March 17 at North, the event will not receive the endorsement of the Washington County Board of Education. However, the board will not stand in the way of the event.

Foltz's plans are for each coach to nominate one to four seniors from his/her team, followed by voting for the top 15 senior players, split into North and South rosters, with each school having at least one player on a team.

The North team would include North Hagerstown, Smithsburg, Clear Spring, Hancock, St. Maria Goretti and Highland View; the South team, Boonsboro, Williamsport, South Hagerstown, St. James, Broadfording, Grace Academy and Heritage Academy. Coaches would be selected by seniority, if they choose to participate.

Foltz plans a 3-point and dunk contest between games. Each game would feature 20-minute halves.

On the Heisman: USC's Reggie Bush won. No surprise there and it wouldn't be a huge surprise if he elects to bolt to the National Football League.

The voting gave Bush a runaway victory, but I can't help but wonder what planet eight voters were on when filling out their Heisman ballots.

There were 892 voters eligible this year, and eight of those voters left Bush completely off their ballot. Maybe they are tired of someone from USC winning the trophy, but to not even recognize him on their ballot is preposterous.

On the NBA: Other than my personal watch of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' results, who really cares? How long did you think it was going to be before Pat Riley took over the coaching reins of the Miami Heat?

On the NHL: Offense is now the name of the game, with changes made to entice more scoring when the league returned this year. If you like hard-hitting checks into the boards, cross-checking, high-sticking battles with lots of fights, those days are dwindling. Players might as well wear some hosiery.

On the Fiesta Bowl: There's no room left in this space. I'll save it for Jan. 2, the day of the best college football bowl game.

Tim Koelble is a staff writer for The Morning Herald. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2311, or by e-mail at

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