Co-op honors local farms for producing quality milk

December 20, 2005

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative an-nounced last week that it honored local dairy farmers with quality producer awards at the cooperative's district meeting last month in Hagerstown.

They earned the honor by consistently achieving specific milk quality standards for 11 and 12 months from August 2004 to July 2005.

"Milk quality starts at the farm level and we are pleased to recognize the efforts of those farmers who do their utmost each and every day to produce the best possible product," said Grant Gayman, Maryland & Virginia's member services manager.

Recognized for 12 consecutive months of quality milk production were:

DeBaugh Farms, Boonsboro;

Aldene and Karla Diller, Hagerstown;

Henry and Darlene Diller, Hagerstown;

Michael Forsythe, Hagerstown;

Ezra and Rosanne Horst, Hagerstown;

Long Delite Farm, Williamsport;


Christian and Lucille Martin, Hagerstown;

David and Kendra Martin, Hagerstown;

Palmyra Farm, Hagers-town; and

the Winters family, Smithsburg.

Receiving an award for quality milk production 11 out of 12 months were:

Eli and Marie Martin, Hagerstown;

Javan and Rachel Martin, Hagerstown

M & M Dairy, Hagers-town; and

Janet Stiles, Boonsboro

Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers is a milk marketing and processing cooperative that represents nearly 1,500 dairy farmer-owners from Pennsylvania to Alabama.

The cooperative includes two fluid processing plants - Marva Maid in Newport News, Va., and Maola Milk and Ice Cream in New Bern, N.C.; and manufacturing plants in Laurel, Md., and Strasburg, Va.; and an equipment and farm supply business in Frederick, Md.

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