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It's time for Christians to leave Iraq

December 17, 2005|By William F. Jones

To the editor:

Much has been said and written about the war in Iraq. President Bush has said that we went into Iraq because of the threat of weapons of mass destruction - oops, no WMD. Well, we went into Iraq to destroy the al Qaeda cells based there. Gosh, no al Qaeda until after we moved in? OK, we went into Iraq to bring them democracy.

What a coincidence, President Bush and Vice President Chaney are oilmen and Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world.

Perhaps the most important point is that the invasion of Iraq from the Arab point of view is the invasion of an Islamic country by a Christian army. Arabs have not forgotten the crusades of the 10th and 11th centuries. Saladin, the great Egyptian leader, eventually pushed the crusaders out of Palestine. In our time, the Hebrew nation of Israel is still fighting Islamics after 50 years.


We were foolish enough to go into yet another culture in Vietnam and finally got kicked out. Can't we learn from history? If we stay in Iraq for 50 years, it will still be Islam vs. Christianity in the eyes of the Arabs and there will be constant fighting. If we are in there one year, 10 years or 50 years, the fight will go on. Holy wars do not end.

In presidential eyes, everyone who fights us is a terrorist organization. Actually, to the Iraqis, the insurgents in Iraq are patriots who are fighting for their religion and way of life.

Unfortunately, our president has a mindset that only listens to people that agree with him. Our allies told him he was getting into a religious war but he doesn't listen and learn. We finally had to accept that fact in Vietnam that an army cannot successfully fight insurgents in the country of a different culture.

For more than 1,500 years, the Islamic have been ruled by their clerics and the civilian government follows the clerics or is replaced - usually by assassination. These people don't want our form of democracy and suspect it of being a part of shoving Christianity down their throats. There may be a small core who want democracy, but I suspect most of the elected officials are just jockeying for position until we get out.

Too much of our young blood has been sacrificed already - first in Vietnam and now in Iraq. Both are typical no-win situations, but I doubt if the Bush administration would withdraw from Iraq until they've gotten all the oil. That is the win that the oil cartel wants and they are buying it with the blood of our soldiers.

Two wrongs do not a right make and further squandering of our soldiers' blood is wrong. It is time to start withdrawing in an orderly manner. No matter when we withdraw, the Sunnis and the Shiites will fight, with the Kurds cheering them on. This is an internal fight and none of our business. Let the Islamic countries straighten things out and it will remove the appearance of Christian oppression.

William F. Jones

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