December 16, 2005

Dana J. Schaff, 10903 Knotty Pine Drive, Hagerstown, to Angela Kenny, Michael Thompson and Eugina Thompson, for $280,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 880 Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey A. Koch and Gregory E. Miller, for $261,097.

Duane E. Browning, 440-442 N. Prospect St., Hagerstown, to John Wilson, for $195,000.

Michael K. and Judy Ann Whetzel, 13702 -13706 Railroad St., Maugansville, to Clearway Properties LLC, for $261,000.

Tri-State Ventures LLC, 1060 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown, to Kirk Gibbson, for $200,000.

Cardinal William H. Keeler, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore, 1010 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to James T. Fahey, for $410,000.

Bradford I. Webb and Michael S. Levin, Assignees, 13201 Woodmont Road, Hancock, to Thomas Crampton, for $115,000.

Ernest P. and Frances M. Reese, 18001 Taft Lane, Boonsboro, to Jacob and Carol Kilpatrick, for $245,000.

Dana K. McGill, 11307 Manse Road, Hagerstown, to Todd K. Lotz, for $200,000.

Home Construction Corp., 208 Montclair Court, Hagerstown, to Brandon N. and Cherie L. Marks, for $280,945.


NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 17704 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Donna L. Hartley, for $263,729.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 17708 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Richard John Knipple and Paula Rene Miller-Knipple, for $253,919.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 9424 Morning Walk Drive, Hagerstown, to Melanie C. Bancoro, for $294, 655.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 13832 Exeter Court, Hagerstown, to Trenna and Brian Kelly, for $591,480.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 13812 Exeter Court, Hagerstown, to Harrison K. and Georgina O. Bamfor, for $516,940.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 13807 Exeter Court, Hagerstown, to Afotey E. and Vicky Odai, for $465,852.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 17706 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Samathanam Abraham, and Angeline Lazarus, for $241,550.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 17720 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Xuan Duc Nguyen and Hang Nga Ton Nu Cong Huyen, for $236, 200.

NVR Inc., A Virginia Corp., 19245 Sharon Drive, Hagerstown, to Roberto E. Jr. and Kristina M. Racedo, for $455,800.

Randall L. and Cathy J. Bayer, 13330 Fairgreen Circle, Hagerstown, to Matthew J. and Lynne M. Lindsey, for $257,500.

Kimberly E. Wyan, PR for the estate of Altie E. Mills, 19849 Brownsville Road, Knoxville, to Annilea Farm LLC, for $495,000.

Gary L. and Peggy Harbaugh, lots 8 and 3, Linden Ave., Cascade, to Anthony S. Lualdi and Margaret M. O'Toole-Lualdi, for $9,000.

Randy L. and Susan M. Gift, 26 Byron Drive, Smithsburg, to Amkha and Betty Thavongsa, for $240,000.

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