Hagerstown man convicted in Pa. shooting

December 15, 2005|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A Hagerstown man convicted in a shooting last year at a Chambersburg tavern was sentenced Wednesday in Franklin County Court to four to 12 years in state prison, but one of the victims said she would like to help him straighten out his life.

Troy Antoine McDonald, 24, had pleaded guilty Nov. 11 to aggravated assault for the Dec. 27, 2004, incident at Rob N Dara's, at 464 Hollywell Ave. Judge Carol Van Horn gave him 272 days credit for time already served and ordered that he have no contact with the victims.

Dara Taylor, who owns the tavern with her husband, Rob, told Van Horn it would be all right if McDonald had her address so he could write to her. After the sentencing, Taylor said she would welcome corresponding with McDonald if he needed "any spiritual guidance or other help."


During the sentencing, Taylor said McDonald "turned around and apologized to me. He took responsibility for his actions.

It was on Dec. 27 at 1:42 a.m. when Chambersburg police were called to the tavern for a report of a shooting. Police said one man had been assaulted and robbed of a necklace by three men.

Two of the men pulled handguns and one put a pistol up to Rob Taylor's head when he tried to intervene, Dara Taylor said. The shots were fired when the men drove away, police said.

Taylor said she was outside calling police on her cell phone when the shots were fired.

"They shot out all the windows on my Cadillac" and one bullet narrowly missed her, she said Wednesday. Despite that, Taylor said she had forgiven McDonald and would like to "see him turn his life around."

Another suspect in the shooting, Dallas J. Roman of Hagerstown, is scheduled to have his case heard during the January trial term and has a court appearance scheduled for Friday, according to the District Attorney's Office. He is charged with robbery, theft, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and firearms violations, according to court records.

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