What eBay requires for assistants

December 11, 2005|By Andrew Schotz

Since 2002, eBay has had criteria for "trading assistants," those whom others can hire to help them list items, eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said.

A trading assistant must have:

· sold at least 10 items in the previous 90 days

· at least 100 feedback comments posted by customers, with at least 97 percent positive

· an eBay account in good standing.

Durzy said there are about 16,000 trading assistants in the United States.

eBay's Web site lists 31 trading assistants within 20 miles of Hagerstown.

Ten - including storefront shops in Hagerstown, Berkeley County, W.Va., and Greencastle, Pa. - are dropoff points, which have set hours when people can bring merchandise to sell.


eBay has higher standards for being a more experienced "trading post." These include:

· regular hours to accept items dropped off by customers

· 500 or more feedback comments, with at least 98 percent positive

· at least $25,000 a month in sales.

None of the trading assistants in or near Hagerstown are trading posts, the Web site says.

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