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What do you think of the recent trend to call a "Christmas" tree a "Holiday" tree?

What do you think of the recent trend to call a "Christmas" tree a "Holiday" tree?

December 11, 2005

Last week's poll question was: What do you think of the recent trend to call a "Christmas" tree a "Holiday" tree?

"I don't really care what you call it, but the fact of the matter is, decorating the evergreen tree came from the pagan traditions of the winter solstice. All the traditions, down to your yule, feasts, holly berries, caroling, gift giving, lit candles, kissing under the mistletoe and much more are all pagan traditions from the winter solstice. In ancient Babylon, the feast of the Son of Isis was celebrated on Dec. 25th. Everyone knows Jesus wasn't born in December! Pope Julius decided everyone should be Christian, so he told this hedonistic group of people that they could keep all of their traditions as long as they called it Christmas and threw away their pagan beliefs for Christianity. You can call the tree Sally for all I care."

"'Tis the Yule tree in our home. The 'Christian' way isn't the ONLY and RIGHT way, people. It seems to me that a 'Holiday' tree is more generic so that people can call it what they want themselves."


"I don't care what you call the tree, but I think it's nice to see that this country is finally realizing that there are people of other faiths and traditions in this country who have just as much right to be here as the rest of us. ... Just keep your faith and your traditions to yourself, and remember that the tree in the mall or the square of Hagerstown is there for everybody, not just Christians."

"I don't care what the tree is called - it doesn't change the way that I celebrate the winter solstice. We don't have a tree at my house, as it would be broken to pieces by my rowdy cats!"

"The fact still remains, religion aside, that the majority should not have to change to appease the minority."

"Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. I have always respected the religions and holidays of others and have not asked them to whitewash their symbols ... the more I know about them, the easier it is to understand and respect their beliefs. If department stores and media are afraid of offending others by mentioning Christmas, they should not be profiting from this holiday. I am offended when they leave Christ out of Christmas."

"I will have a CHRISTMAS TREE at my home, and resent the fact that I do not have the same right to call it a CHRISTMAS TREE as others who wish not to. Our country is in Iraq fighting for their liberation and in our own country, we are not free to call a CHRISTMAS TREE a CHRISTMAS TREE? Someone explain that one, please."

"I do not understand how it is OK to see ads and hear greetings for other holidays ... such as Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, etc., but we can't use the term Christmas when the majority of the population in our country celebrates Christmas. Everyone seems to be OK using Happy Holidays ... and I believe Holiday is derived from Holy Day. So we shouldn't be using that term either, I suppose ..."

"This whole PC thing has gotten WAY out of hand! Why are we, as a nation, so eager to turn our back on the very religious principles and beliefs that help(ed) found this country! Why should I recognize Ramadan, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah if they are unwilling to recognize that I celebrate Christmas! And now we're all supposed to have upside-down 'Holiday' trees to make room for more presents? Have we gotten that far away from the true meaning? I guess so ... And we wonder why we have so many trials and tribulations that are put upon us ... We want to force God and Christianity out of the mix, yet, when something goes wrong, we question why God let it happen ..."

"Celebrating this time of year with a tree dates back to pre-Christian days. It was incorporated into the Christmas celebration as a way to include those of pagan beliefs into the faith. For me it is simple ... anyone can take Christ out their Christmas, BUT you cannot take it out of mine, no matter what you do."

"A Christmas tree is a decorated tree. A Holiday tree is a decorated tree. It's a tree, a decorated tree. I thought only dogs fought over a tree."

"I don't understand why the Christmas tree is to be singled out. I'll call it a 'Holiday Tree' when the Menorah and the Kinara are called 'Holiday Candle Holders.'"

"You had to have made this up. I have never, ever, heard anyone say holiday tree. But if they do, big deal. But why call it stupid? What if nonbelievers called Christianity stupid? What if I said it's stupid to believe in God?"

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