Young artist is tops in contest

December 09, 2005|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

Bijal Kikani, a 9-year-old artist, said pastels were her preferred medium, though crayons and markers were what won the grand prize in this year's Maryland Symphony Orchestra poster contest.

"I was surprised when they told me I won," said Bijal, a fourth-grader at Emma K. Doub Elementary School.

Contest judges received hundreds of entries from third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students. The MSO announced the winner Nov. 28.

While there was a winner for each age group, Bijal's drawing was named the best of all entries.

The students were asked to draw holiday-themed scenarios that related to music, said Bijal's art teacher, Sandy Gray-Murray.

Bijal drew a boy unwrapping a present of a French horn. The picture included a drawing of the earth with staffs and musical notes surrounding it. She also drew notes on the Christmas tree on the poster.

Her work will be featured on the cover of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra's holiday concerts program book. The orchestra has two holiday concerts, Dec. 17 and 18.


The drawing, along with the other winners, runners-up and selected pictures, will be on display at Valley Mall during the holiday season.

Bijal's art teacher said onlookers could easily assume that her artwork was created by a much older person.

"She's got a knack for it," Gray-Murray said. "She's a perfectionist."

In art class Tuesday, Bijal started a sketch. Her long, black hair covered her face and glasses as her pencil met the paper. Her paint-splattered, denim smock was almost bigger than she was.

Bijal said her favorite picture was a pastel drawing of a pot she made in art class. She said the hardest part about drawing was creating super-straight lines.

Outside of drawing, Bijal said she enjoys playing the violin - a hobby she said she picked up months ago. She also hopes to learn to play the recorder.

As for her future plans, she said, "I want to be an artist or ... a doctor."

MSO poster contest winners

The Maryland Symphony Orchestra held a poster contest for third-, fourth- and fifth- grade students. The winning posters will be displayed at Valley Mall.

Grand Prize: Bijal Kikani, Emma K. Doub Elementary School

Fifth Grade: Laura Hartman, Old Forge Elementary School

Fourth Grade: Kelly Schmidt, Potomac Heights Elementary School

Third Grade: Alyssa Towning, Pangborn Elementary School

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