Letters to the editor

December 06, 2005

A shame to ignore our native history

To the editor:

As another November drew to a close, so to did Native American Heritage Month. As usual, this month dedicated to the native peoples of this Turtle Island is given no press, either in the various newspapers or on the evening news programs. No where is it mentioned.

It is a shame to ignore a culture that gave the world corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, various squashes, etc.

It is a shame to ignore a culture that has enriched our vocabulary and landscape, as in moccasin, powwow, Massachusetts, Wapiti Narragansett, Succotash, Conococheague, etc.

It is a shame to ignore a culture that showed our founding fathers an example of true democracy.

It is a shame to ignore a culture that produced great leaders Tecumseh, Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph, Standing Bear, just a few leaders out of hundreds upon hundreds who put their people and their welfare above self. Today's leaders should look to Native Americans for a leadership example to follow.


Native Americans have their victories and tragedies that are intertwined with U.S. History but we never learn of these. Two examples of this are: St. Clair's Defeat. On Nov. 4, 1791, a combined Indian force did battle with Gen. Arthur St. Clair and his army and defeated the American Army. It was the greatest defeat of the American Army (bigger than Custer's defeat ? long hair had better PR).

The second was the massacre of 96 Christian Indian men, women and children in March of 1782 by Pennsylvania Militia at the Moravian mission town of Gnadenhutten in Ohio.

There are other events in history just as famous and infamous as the above mentioned. One just has to look for these events in other resources other than history books.

Native Americans have a heritage and culture so rich and full it is shame to ignore it, I for one do not. I learn and enjoy the culture and heritage with my Shawnee family and friends in Ohio and here at home in Maryland (Chief Opessa's home ? a Shawnee Chief who lived at Oldtown).

To my Native brothers and sisters, I hope you all had a good month.

Joseph DiMaggio


The truth is what we need

To the editor:

Dear Lord, today we pray for the preservation of our beautiful country. It is time the truth of what is really happening in our world of terror. The writers, journalists, leaders, TV, politicians and newspaper people must stop attacking each other and work in harmony to get the facts to the American people to preserve this great land of ours.

Until trust and truth are established, terror will reign. The Bible says "The truth shall set you free." Christians or not, our only hope is prayer. It is mightier than the sword and can conquer terrorism. Trust and truth begin for any future civilization. Love they neighbor. With great humility and hope, God bless America.

Mildred Dorsey Newman


'Jarhead' film was a disgrace

To the editor:

In the mid-1940s, I learned at age 18, the meaning of "The Few, The Proud, The Marines." I also learned some Latin, "Semper Fidelis" (always faithful). The sum of this becomes a dedication to duty and the development of "Body, Mind and Spirit."

My son also decided to become a Marine and served in Vietnam and the training and service was a positive experience for him as well.

Very recently there was a movie released, "Jarhead," which is a nickname for Marines who graduate from boot camp at Parris Island, S.C.

I, of course, wanted to see the movie. The movie was about one and half hours long. The story quickly became a gut-wrenching, degrading, demeaning, sadistic film with endless profanity. There was not one redeeming scene in this entire movie to bear out the pride in our corps.

I would hope no mother or father or families see this movie. It will leave a very negative impression of the Marine Corps.

I do hope that from Commandant Hagee, down through the rank and file, stand with me on this matter, and possibly make their positions known as well.

I am not advocating censorship but this is slanderous to all of our military. Please make yourself heard to your representatives and media. We can't let Hollywood get away with this.

Bob Rohrer

Frederick, Md.

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