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Deer apparently jump to their deaths from parking garage

December 06, 2005|by DAVE McMILLION

RANSON, W.Va. - It was not your typical police call.

Cpl. Steve Cox of the Ranson Police Department said he responded Sunday to a parking garage at Charles Town Races & Slots after a woman reported seeing five deer falling from the top of the structure along Fifth Avenue.

It is believed the deer might have become frightened after getting trapped in the garage and leaped from the top floor, Cox said.

"They took the plunge," Cox said. "It was just absolutely weird."

The deer narrowly missed a track security van and were found dead on a service entrance road used by trucks to enter the track, Cox said.


It is unclear how the deer got into the parking garage, Cox said.

Cox said he believes the deer might have become spooked given the fact they were not in natural surroundings and cars were driving around in the garage.

The woman who saw the deer falling thinks the animals might have jumped from the fourth or fifth floor, Cox said.

There was no surveillance system that showed the deer in the garage, Cox said.

Cox said he went to the fifth floor and found scratches on a wall and some hair, leading him to believe that's where the deer jumped.

Trees can be seen from the top floor of the parking garage, and Cox said he thinks the deer might have thought they were in natural surroundings at that point and jumped.

"I guess they just thought it was good and safe," Cox said.

The deer, all does, were given to passers-by for butchering, Cox said.

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