Man who donated tree dies

December 02, 2005|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

Her husband was a giant, she said - 6 feet 7 inches and 320 pounds.

In mid-November, he became weak as his body was taken over by a serious infection.

On Thursday, Carol Plum's husband of 17 years, John, died from the infection that had hospitalized him for weeks.

The Plums donated this year's Christmas tree that stands in Public Square in Hagerstown. It was the Boonsboro couple's first Christmas tree after they married.

They planted it in the yard by their home and watched it grow.

John Plum, 48, never saw the tree decorated in the city. Carol Plum said she showed him pictures of the tree being cut.


But he was too weak to see the pictures while in a hospital bed in the intensive care unit of Washington County Hospital.

"He was very weak, but he was very proud," Carol Plum said.

She said her husband was a kind man who loved his family and enjoyed helping her with household chores.

"He was the best husband," she said. "He was the perfect man. Everybody told me that ... that I had the perfect husband, that you don't find men like that. And I know that."

Carol Plum said her husband enjoyed spoiling her and her daughters.

She said he was old-fashioned and liked to take care of her.

"I just miss him so bad," Carol Plum said. "I still can't understand why this had to happen."

John Plum was admitted to the hospital Nov. 17. Since that day, Carol said, he had fought off the infection and was at times in an induced coma.

All of his vital organs shut down due to the infection, she said.

"He just fought and fought," she said.

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