A Thanksgiving message

November 25, 2005

On this Thanksgiving Day weekend, it is most appropriate that The Herald-Mail's editorial staff spends a few moments remembering what we are thankful for. We hope that some of our blessings will be shared by you as well.

We are thankful for our readers, who buy our product, read it and use it to mark the milestones of their lives - weddings, births and finally, the deaths of their loved ones.

We are thankful for our advertisers. Without their support, the newspaper would be much more expensive than it is now.

And we can't leave out those who support our Newspaper In Education program, which delivers free newspapers to area classrooms where teachers use them to teach a variety of lessons.

No one should forget our reporters, who spend hours listening to government meetings, then boil down what happened to a fair and accurate summary of events that readers can digest in a few minutes.


Backing those reporters up are the editors, who make sure that the stories give readers the most important facts and that words are spelled correctly.

Earning much of the money to pay the news staff are our advertising salespeople and their supervisors, who make sure there is always a healthy revenue stream.

There are also many employees the public seldom sees. These include the press crew, the pagination department and the computer techs. They don't get bylines, but without them, nobody would.

Then there are the members of our circulation staff and the independent contractors who carry the papers right to readers' doorsteps or newspaper tubes.

They're awake long before most citizens, in all weather, making sure the newspaper arrives in good condition and in a timely fashion.

If we've left out anyone, we apologize. We realize very well that putting out a newspaper would be im possible without a great team effort. For that, we thank all who are involved.

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