Blast from the past

November 23, 2005

Week of Nov. 20, 1955

Deputies in the office of the Clerk of Court thought until yesterday that they had heard all the odd questions members of wedding parties could ask.

But yesterday a Harrisburg wedding party came up with a request for some old shoes and tin cans to tie to the back of their car. The bridegroom asked if the marriage license bureau didn't have a stock of old shoes and tin cans about for this purpose.

Chief deputy W. Edward Heimel soon set him straight that the office supplies only the license and none of the accessories.

Those "cats" and "drapes" don't like to be criticized just because they dress differently than the average Hagerstown youth.

Earlier this week, a young mother called this office to defend the rights of any Hagerstown youth to dress as he sees fit and wear his hair in any fashion he likes so long as he doesn't violate the laws of the land.


Week of Nov. 20, 1980

At least two downtown Hagerstown store owners, Bill Collins, owner of The News Agency, and M.L. Shelleman, who owns a specialty tobacco shop, say they'll refuse to take cigarette papers and pipes off their shelves, despite a court ruling that upholds the constitutionality of a state law banning merchants from selling drug paraphernalia.

The statute that is under fire bans the manufacture and sale of items intended for consumption of illegal drugs, and includes pipes, rolling papers and roach clips.

Santa will arrive at Valley Mall this Saturday, as guest of honor in a parade along Halfway Boulevard from York Road to the mall.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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