Logs missing from historic Pa. fort

November 21, 2005|By DON AINES

FORT LOUDON, Pa. - Dozens of logs that had once been part of the palisade of the re-created Fort Loudoun Historic Site have been stolen in recent weeks, according to Pennsylvania State Police and Anna Rotz, president of the Fort Loudon Historical Society.

This summer, 345 of the 13-foot-long logs that make up the palisade of the replica of the French and Indian War-era fort were removed to be replaced with new timber, Rotz said Sunday. About 100 of the old logs are missing, she said.

Police said the logs were taken between Oct. 30 and Friday from the site at 1750 N. Brooklyn Road. Rotz said some or all of the logs might have been taken during the night of Nov. 12-13, when a group of frontier re-enactors were camped inside the palisade.

Rotz said she talked to members of the group who heard a truck outside the fort's walls during the night.


Although the logs were being replaced because of age, Rotz said the historical society had plans for them.

"We were going to use them to build our summer kitchen and officers' quarters," she said. "We've lost some logs we could have used."

The portion of the logs that remained above ground was still in good shape, Rotz said. The officers' quarters were to be built inside the palisade, while the summer kitchen was to be added to the nearby Patton House on the 207-acre property, she said.

The new logs placed in the palisade cost the society $23 apiece, she said.

Rotz said there also has been evidence of illegal hunting and trapping at the site, including small animal traps discovered there on the same weekend the logs likely were taken.

Built in 1756, the historical society is preparing to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the fort's founding in June 2006, Rotz said.

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