Festival of Light offers alternative healing

November 21, 2005|by TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - More than 200 people attended the seventh annual Festival of Light last weekend at the Inn & Spa in Berkeley Springs that included more than 30 practitioners offering spiritual and physical healing techniques.

From palm reading, crystals and tarot cards to essential oils, aromatherapy and healing touch therapy, the festival showed alternative ways to bring mind and body into balance.

Maryellen Snyder is the "light workers' group coordinator," she said. Snyder said the Festival of Light is a "medium to help people help themselves reach their potential through guidance, such as tarot card readings and astrology readings, which are tools for guidance to heal the body and the soul."


Also featured was radiesthesia, which determines the state of a person's health by measuring energy vibrations at the cellular level. An example of radiesthesia is allergy research, through which people can learn what foods give them problems and the ones their bodies accept most harmoniously, Snyder said.

Sam Cochran of Harpers Ferry, W.Va., offered tarot card readings. He has been interested in tarot cards for 40 years, he said.

He said tarot cards came to Italy from Egypt in the 1400s. He said the "first recorded instance was about 1435 when the Duke of Tuscany ordered a hand-painted deck of tarot cards."

Cochran said the basic reading is 10 cards, and there is a 20-minute time limit.

"It is inexpensive psychiatry," he said.

Debby Kay, also of Harpers Ferry, offered tarot card readings for animals. She said does fundraising for the Humane Society to help get animals adopted. Through animal tarot cards, she can sometimes find where the animal came from or what health issues it might have, she said.

Kay also is the author of "The Labrador Breeders Handbook" and has been an animal trainer for 39 years. She said she has trained dogs, dolphins and horses for the military.

Many local practitioners participated in the event. Awakening Health Center in Berkeley Springs offered 20-minute Reiki healing-touch sessions by Pam Sanders, a Reiki practitioner. Marti Sikes, the certified reflexologist with the group, said they were "consistently busy" with Reiki sessions.

Sikes said she will offer reflexology sessions at next year's festival.

"Reflexology is the use of pressure points to the hands and feet that directly correlate to all the organs and systems to assist the body in its own healing," she said.

Jeanne Mozier has been an astrologer since 1972, she said.

"As a full-service oracle," Mozier said she consults palmistry, tarot cards, astrology and Nordic runes, or reading with stones. She only does public mini-readings twice a year in Berkeley Springs, including at the Festival of Light, Mozier said.

Joyce Morningstar of Star Eagle Studio has been practicing crystal healing for more than 20 years.

"Different stones have different vibrations on what's going on in your body, mind, spirit and heart that can help balance you," Morningstar said.

Bobbie Rohn, one of the event coordinators, said attendance was better in past years because it was always held during Veterans Day weekend.

"This felt like a really great group. There is a very high energy with a good balance and harmony," Rohn said.

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