Morgan Co. school gets into reading

November 18, 2005|by TRISH RUDDER

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. - The second-graders at Pleasant View Elementary School got a treat Thursday when their bus driver came by to read to them.

Nancy Hendershot, the school's bus driver, volunteered to read to Charity Brinegar's class, and five other guest readers were assigned other classes from kindergarten through fifth grade. There are 138 students in the school.

Read To Me! Day is part of a statewide program sponsored by The Education Alliance, and "a day designed to encourage children to enjoy reading," said Nicole Fox, principal of Pleasant View Elementary.


Hendershot has been driving a school bus for Morgan County for the last 25 years and has been the Pleasant View Elementary School bus driver for 18 years, she said. Her granddaughter is a second-grade student there.

"I would hope they are encouraged to read more and more because of a program like this," she said.

The program has been in place for years and Read to Me! Day is always in November, Fox said.

"We love to teach them to enjoy reading at a young age so they will continue to be lifelong readers," she said.

"We invite community members to come to the school to model the fact that adults continue to read. It's a good idea to read to kids every day," Fox said.

Christy Rusnak, Parents and Teachers Association (PTO) president, read to third-graders. She has been a parent volunteer at the school for four years. Rusnak has children in kindergarten, second grade and third grade, she said.

"I love this school. If I had to hand-pick a school, this would be it, by far," Rusnak said, "because it's small, and the kids have more one-on-one time spent with them."

Rusnak is a homeroom mom for Brinegar's class and she helps the school staff, she said. She said she will soon be tutoring students as part of the Morgan County PASS (Providing Academic and Self-Esteem Support) program.

"It feels like we are all family," Rusnak said.

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