Kissin running in Sixth District

November 17, 2005|by TAMELA BAKER


Calling his quest for Congress a "people's campaign" and accusing the federal government of deception on the war in Iraq and other issues, Frederick County attorney Barry J.C. Kissin on Wednesday announced his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland's Sixth District.

He will face Andrew Duck, also of Frederick County, in the 2006 Democratic primary. U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., holds the congressional seat.

"We have a gigantic problem on our hands," Kissin said in a prepared statement. "Our federal government is only pretending to be guided by what is best for the whole. This deception has become extreme and dangerous.


"I bring to this campaign the hope that enough people are beginning to see the deception for what it is, and that enough people will now be disposed toward challenging the underpinnings of this deception."

While giving credit to Bartlett for exposing the nation's dependence on a limited supply of oil, Kissin said in an interview with The Herald-Mail that Bartlett is too beholden to the Bush Administration to effect changes.

Kissin has outlined platforms on a number of domestic issues, but is passionate about his conviction that the United States should immediately pull out of Iraq and that the country should sign on to the Kyoto Treaty, an international pledge to take steps to reduce global warming.

"The time to leave Iraq is now," Kissin's statement said. "Not one more American soldier should die or be maimed in Iraq. Not one more Iraqi should die or be maimed because of our presence. Not one more dollar should be spent on the war in Iraq."

He charged that the use of depleted uranium ammunition was poisoning Iraq and contaminating the earth's atmosphere as well as American troops, and told The Herald-Mail that the Bush Administration "didn't go into Iraq for the contrived reasons we were given" - the presence of weapons of mass destruction or to free Iraqis from the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein - but went for "taking control of Middle Eastern oil reserves and taking more control in that region."

Kissin said he is "very concerned" about national security, but that making war was the wrong approach.

On domestic issues, Kissin supports:

  • A new energy policy that addresses the depletion of fossil fuels and supports alternative energy sources. Kissin wants to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 5 percent a year and would support rationing, if necessary. On his Web site, he stresses the need to reduce the amount of speed and travel and of persuading Americans of the "necessity of negative population growth."

  • A national health plan that provides coverage for all Americans while giving them their choices of doctors and other care providers. Kissin said he would do that by expanding Medicare to everyone, and having all medical care charges billed to Medicare.

  • Repealing the No Child Left Behind Act. Kissin said he would work for more local autonomy over education.

  • Electoral reform in which the federal government would mandate a paper trail for electronic voting as well as nonpartisan monitoring of federal elections.
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