Funkstown briefs

November 15, 2005|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM

Water, garbage rates to increase

FUNKSTOWN - The Funkstown Town Council voted unanimously at Monday night's meeting to increase water and garbage rates because of increased costs for the town.

Water rates for residents will increase 7 percent, effective in 2006. Residents receiving quarterly water bills will not see the increase in their bills until April, Town Clerk Brenda Haynes said.

The increase reflects an increase in the amount Funkstown is being charged for water by Hagerstown. The town council said it is passing along the increased cost to residents in order to "break even."

The council also voted to increase garbage rates at Monday's meeting. Rates will increase by $1 through the end of this fiscal year and will increase again in the next fiscal year.


The council increased rates because the town entered into a new garbage contract that cost the town significantly more money than last fiscal year.

Again, the town said it only wanted to "break even" by raising rates.

Town gives up rights to land

FUNKSTOWN - The Funkstown Town Council voted unanimously Monday to give up rights to Cemetery Street.

The street, on Alternate U.S. 40 adjacent to the U.S. Post Office, was described as an unimproved street.

A hearing was held before Monday's town meeting. The council decided the town would not need the street for public use or development and gave up any rights, titles or interests to the street.

Olde Tyme Christmas festivities outlined

FUNKSTOWN - Rich Gaver distributed copies of the Olde Tyme Christmas schedule to the Funkstown Town Council at Monday's meeting.

"We are off and running," he said.

The event will be Dec. 9 and will start at 6 p.m.

About 1,000 luminarias will be placed in Funkstown Cemetery. The wagon ride will pass the cemetery by Green and Cemetery streets.

The Olde Tyme Christmas cookbooks are available at town hall for $7.50.

A new glass Christmas ornament with a hand-drawn picture of the War Memorial are being sold at town hall.

Re-enactment planned for June

FUNKSTOWN - Ron Benedict announced the dates for next year's Civil War re-enactment at Monday's Funkstown Town Council meeting.

The re-enactment will take place June 9 to 11.

The council voted unanimously to pay for the first two registered units of artillery to sign up for the event.

Benedict said he is planning to hold the street battle and foraging again because they were popular this year.

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