Franklin County, Pa., election results released

November 10, 2005

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Election night in Franklin County, Pa., was anticlimactic for a number of candidates who went into Tuesday evening unopposed.

Dave Secor, 55, of Chambersburg, a financial consultant with M&T Bank, received 16,183 votes in his run for Franklin County Treasurer, according to complete but unofficial results.

Secor defeated Treasurer Chris Bender and one other candidate in the May Republican primary and won the democratic nomination as a write-in. The treasurer is in charge of certain county investments as well as the issuance of hunting, dog, small games of chance and other licenses. The position pays $54,107 this year.

Jury Commissioner

Allen V. Twigg was elected to another four-year term as Republican jury commissioner with 11,509 votes and William D. Butts was elected Democratic jury commissioner with 6,556 votes. Both men essentially earned the jobs by winning their respective primaries in May because the county has one commissioner from each party.


The position of jury commissioner pays $11,385 this year, according to county salary records.


Two Chambersburg Borough Council members, Allen S. Frantz and Kenneth Gill, lost in Tuesday's election to Democratic challengers Janet Lukic and Heath Talhelm. Councilman Glenn K. Manns held off a challenge from Democrat Harold E. Curtis.

First Ward Councilman Allen B. Coffman had an easier night of it, being unopposed in his bid for re-election.

With the election of Republican Mary Beth Shank for an open Fourth Ward seat, the borough will enter 2006 with three new members, and half the council's 10 members will be women.


In the townships surrounding Chambersburg, Guilford Township Supervisor Steve Rock, Hamilton Township Supervisor Michael Kessinger, Letterkenny Township Supervisor Daniel B. Timmons and Lurgan Township Supervisor Joe Reese were all unopposed for re-election.

In Greene Township, Todd Burns was elected to the board of supervisors in a one-man race. He defeated Supervisor Jeffrey W. Furry in the May GOP primary and took the Democratic nomination as a write-in.

In Washington Township, Carroll Sturm and John T. Gorman were elected township supervisors. They ran unopposed Tuesday after winning in the May primary.

In Quincy Township, Kerry Bumbaugh, who defeated incumbent Joe Middour in the May primary, won an uncontested race for township supervisor.

In Montgomery Township, supervisor candidate Michael Rife was unopposed.

In Peters Township, supervisor candidate Sam Rotz was unopposed.

In Warren Township, supervisor candidate Harry R. Keefer was unopposed.

In Southampton Township, supervisor candidate Paul Witter was unopposed.

School boards

The Chambersburg School Board has two new members in Paul Ambrose and Norman B. Blowers.

Ambrose won both nominations in May, but had to stave off a write-in effort by Region One incumbent Robert Helman. Blowers also won both nominations in May and is replacing retiring board member D. Eugene Gayman in Region Six.

Fred E. Rice, the Region Three school board member, and Thomas P. Orndorf of Region Four, were unopposed in their re-election bids.

In the Waynesboro Area School Board race, board members Christopher Martin Devers, John R. Fitz, Stanley Barkdoll and Leland H. "Lee" Lemley were unopposed in their election bids.

In the Fannett-Metal School Board race, candidates Terry Crouse, James Miller and Von P. McGee were unopposed in their election bids.

Turnout for the election was 24 percent, slightly less than the 25 percent in the similar municipal election four years ago, according to county Election Board records.

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