Voter turnout predictions on target

November 09, 2005|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - "There's no such thing as an off-year election," lamented Joanne George, judge of elections at Letterkenny 1 voting precinct, one of 74 voting precincts in Tuesday's general election in Franklin County.

County election officials predicted a 25 percent turnout in Tuesday's voting, a guess that appeared to be right on the money when the final tally for all 74 precincts was counted.

In George's Letterkenny 1 precinct, 260 voters out of an estimated 900 registered cast ballots, less than one-third of those eligible.


Voting in any election is important, she said.

"These people are in charge of our township," she said.

County election rolls show there are 47,793 registered Republicans, 23,582 registered Democrats, and 9,603 independents and others.

Only 153 of 793 registered voters in Waynesboro's Precinct 3-2 turned out in the borough's only contested race for Borough Council, which pitted Democrat Benjamin Greenawalt against Republican Allen Porter.

"We're lucky if we get 100 people out for a municipal election," said Elva Pentz, judge of elections for the polling place. "This is a very good turnout."

Orrstown, Pa., in northern Franklin County, had 31 voters cast ballots Tuesday, one-third of the precinct's 100 registered voters, said Ferne Ramsey, judge of elections there.

"They filtered in all day," she said.

Jane Brake, elections judge in Peters 4 in Peters Township, said 102 of the precinct's 355 registered voters came to the polls there.

"That's not bad for us. We don't do too hot when there's no contests," she said.

Brake thought more people would turn out because of the five-way race for the four available seats on the Tuscarora School Board.

"Most people are concerned about the school board, but not many newcomers came to vote," she said.

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