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November 06, 2005

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of reader comments will appear in The Herald-Mail.

Last week's poll question was: Will President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Samuel Alito, be confirmed?

"Who cares? Does anyone? Anyone? What happened to the woman that was nominated? Oh! That's right, a bunch of people that knew nothing of her decided they did not like her. ..."

"(Harriet) Miers' nomination was a game of smoke and mirrors. Bush nominates her and Congress and Bush's right-wing backers see her as a pathetic choice. Now, anyone he offers up looks like a good choice compared to her."

"The answer to the topic is: Who cares?

"Our president made his choice and the American people shot her down (sorry, I'm using the wrong dialect), bad-mouthed her. If Judge Alito (asks) GOD for guidance in all his decisions (judgment), then he has my vote. And yes, I did vote for Bush."


"Finally, W will dance with those that brought him. My choice is Janice Rogers Brown, though."

"I think this selection will probably be appointed. From what I have read about his previous cases, he seems to be fair. Here's the thing though, and this is what really annoys me with the religious right - if a liberal judge decides a case in which a liberal cause is supported, then he or she is legislating from the bench, but yet the religious right in this country wants to place judges that support their beliefs on the bench. What's the difference? How about some compromise on these things? It seems that every issue or word out of Bush's mouth continues to polarize this country further. What was that old slogan: United we stand, divided we fall? For the record, I am not a Bush supporter nor am I a supporter of the Democrats. ..."

"Regarding the nomination - this judge has been very good at following the precedent set by the Supreme Court. His dissent has been posturing for the religious right - when he knew he was outvoted 2-1. From the few briefs I have read, he seems to think before he writes - a positive. However, some of his logic I disagree with. My preference would be to see someone more moderate - however, that is not likely to happen."

"No, Alito will not be confirmed. He was nominated because the Bush administration needs the storm of controversy as a distraction. If this distraction occupies the media, it will distract from the real important story of PlameGate and the lies that lead up to the Iraq war. It will take some heat off of Cheney and Rove until they can create another Pearl Harbor-like event in order to rally the sleeping masses back around the Great Divider again."

"Bush is a great president and Alito will be confirmed. And with any luck, since Justice (John Paul) Stevens is 85 years old, he will soon be replaced with Janice Rogers Brown."

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