There he is, 'Mr. South'

Contestant's talent, dry humor win over judges at male pageant

Contestant's talent, dry humor win over judges at male pageant

November 06, 2005|By TARA REILLY

HAGERSTOWN - Andrew Rittenhouse sang about his love for summer rain, pined over his broken heart over his broken guitar and talked about how his tall, slim size would get him "crushed" on the football field.

While explaining why he should be crowned "Mr. South High 2005" Saturday night, with a somewhat weakened voice, he softly said that he couldn't pace back and forth on stage much longer because his legs were getting tired.

And in the end, Rittenhouse's lamenting, dry humor and talent were enough for judges to crown him "Mr. South High 2005," and for his classmate and friend, Dan Thorpe, to jokingly sweep him off his feet and carry him off stage.


Thorpe and Gerardo Cerda, both seniors, tied for second place.

The male beauty pageant, a first for the school, was a fundraiser for the Student Government Association. The competition featured formal wear, swimwear, special talent categories and a question-and-answer session.

Eleven students competed in the event.

"North High has done this in the past and had great success, so we figured we'd give it a try," said Chelsea Githens-Brewer, the pageant chair.

Githens-Brewer also servers as treasurer of the student government.

The pageant opened with a group dance with all 11 participants that included overly macho muscle-flexing, comical hip gyrations and a few exaggerated impersonations of feminine dance moves.

For much of the night, the audience laughed and applauded the contestants.

Some of the loudest cheers came when two contestants, Duston Gibbons and Lucas Lichtenberg, separately imitated the popular dance scene from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" for the special talent category.

Lichtenberg, wearing a "Vote for Pedro" ringer T-shirt similar to the one in the movie, Napoleon-like snow boots and sunglasses, generated cheers and hand clapping as his dance moves cracked up the crowd.

Lichtenberg finished fourth in the contest.

Cerda, 17, rapped in Spanish, and Bryan Sizemore sang along to Tim McGraw's "Something Like That" while wearing a white T-shirt with a barbecue stain on it to match a line in the song.

When asked later in the event by the emcee if he would rather be good-looking or wealthy, Sizemore weighed his answer.

He reasoned that if you're wealthy. "you can get the girls," but that you also could be popular with the ladies if you're good-looking.

In the end, he decided he would rather be good-looking.

For his special talent, senior Mike Dunham wrote a poem emphasizing his love for South High.

"These four years have been a blast. My heart (is) broken, this is the last," he said. "Rebel 'til the day I die. Please make me your Mr. South High."

Dunham finished fifth.

Other participants were Jeff Cooper, Joshua Jones, Brad Hines and Chris Sorrell.

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