Fright night

Children hit the streets for sweets

Children hit the streets for sweets

November 01, 2005|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM


Tim Poppen wore camouflage fatigues and coated his face with slick green paint Monday.

Standing near two murderers and a princess, the 18-year-old Hagerstown resident appeared to have perfected a G.I. Joe Halloween costume.

"I'm a soldier," he said. "I leave for Iraq in January."

Poppen's Halloween costume was more reality than fantasy. Poppen joined the military in May and said he wore his fatigues to show his patriotism while walking along North Cleveland Avenue with his family.

His sister, Autumn Poppen, 7, was dressed as Snow White. A large plastic purse was nearly full of candy after more than an hour of trick-or-treating, and Autumn said she had another full bag in her mother's van.


"I love princesses," she said, already sucking on a green lollipop.

Four-year-old Tiena Walker of Hagerstown was dressed as Belle from the movie "Beauty and the Beast." Tiena wasn't waiting until she got home to sample her candy. Shortly after 7 p.m. she sat down, poked through the bag and unwrapped a watermelon-flavored candy.

Kailey Wolfe, 4, of Hagerstown, also was dressed as a Disney princess - Sleeping Beauty. Pulling her pink dress up above her knees, exposing pajama bottoms underneath, Kailey said she dressed as Cinderella last Halloween and plans to dress like a princess again next year.

Kailey almost went trick-or-treating dressed as a character from the comic book "Fantastic Four." John Hardman, 4, of Hagerstown, wore a large orange mask, and said he was The Thing from "Fantastic Four."

"Rrrrrrr. Grrrrr," he said, showing how scary The Thing can be.

John said he dressed as The Thing because his older brother, Tyler Hardman, 10, wanted him to.

Tyler also wanted to be a "Fantastic Four" character, but had to settle for the murderer from the movie "Scream." Like several other older trick-or-treaters, Tyler had a limited selection of costumes available in stores, he said. The only thing he could find in a larger size was the black, hooded cloak he wore Monday.

Tyler walked on North Cleveland Avenue carrying two buckets nearly full of candy.

Thomas Boutwell, 9, of Hagerstown, also was dressed in a black "Scream" costume. But when he left the white rubber mask in the van, Thomas held a plastic gun and said he was a dead cowboy.

Marshall Walker, 8, of Hagerstown, began trick-or-treating at 5:30 p.m. and was still excited about the bulging bag of candy he had at 7:15 p.m. Marshall said he was dressed as Jason X - the same costume he wore last year.

This year, he said he was half Jason X and half Dracula, as he moved one arm to his side and swung the black cape in front of him.

At least one person apparently was playing tricks on people in Hagerstown. An officer at the Hagerstown Police Department said he had taken at least two calls from people saying that someone was snatching bags of candy from trick-or-treaters. Both callers said the person was targeting children on Wayne Avenue.

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