Borough looking to spend big bucks on streets

October 26, 2005|By DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The borough's administration is proposing Chambersburg spend $1,860,000 on street improvements in 2006, the largest one-year expenditure in decades, according to Borough Manager Eric Oyer.

The $1.1 million reconstruction of Roland Avenue is the biggest project listed in the preliminary budget Oyer reviewed at Monday's Borough Council meeting. According to previous discussions with the council, the project involves widening the road between Cambridge Avenue and Scotland Avenue and adding curbs, sidewalks and bike lanes.

The borough has received $690,000 from the state's Safe Routes to Schools program for the project. Roland Avenue is a main pedestrian route for many of the approximately 1,400 students who attend Faust Junior High School.


Roland Avenue is scheduled to be completed in 2006, Oyer told the council.

The budget for the street improvements, which includes reconstruction of three other streets and the repaving of a dozen other streets and one alley, includes $400,000 in state liquid fuel funds - money distributed to municipalities from fuel taxes - and $520,000 from the 2004 sale of Chambersburg Municipal Airport, according to the proposed budget.

This year, the borough budgeted $300,000 from the airport sale for public works projects.

Next year, Hudson Avenue is scheduled for reconstruction between Alexander and Edgar avenues at a cost of $100,000. Ohio Avenue between Edgar and Philadelphia avenues and Horst Avenue between Wilson and Edgar avenues will be reconstructed at a cost of $50,000 each, according to the budget.

With developers planning to build hundreds of homes in the south end of Chambersburg, the borough is planning to overlay Mill Road and construct shoulders and guardrails at a cost of $130,000. Along with that project, the borough plans to spend $1.3 million on an extension of the municipal sewer system down South Main Street and along Mill Road.

Duncan Avenue, Wolf Avenue, Mount Moriah Street, Edglea Drive, Elm Avenue, Kennedy Street and portions of King, Third, Washington and Water streets and Ludwig Avenue also are scheduled for repaving in 2006, according to the public works schedule.

Community Development Block Grant funds will be used for reconstruction and repair of Oak Street and repaving Burkhart and Conner avenues, according to the budget outline. The borough also has applied for $373,750 in Safe Routes to School funding for Progress Road and Industrial Drive, which are used by students attending Stevens Elementary School.

The borough also anticipates several new traffic signals, including lights at the intersections of Scotland and Roland avenues, Walker Road and Gateway Avenue and St. Paul Drive and Norland Avenue, as well as a dedicated left turn signal at the intersection of Norland and Fifth Avenues.

The replacement of 22 traffic light standards in the downtown also is among the capital projects outlined in the budget summary.

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