Incumbent waging write-in campaign in Antrim Township

October 26, 2005|By RICHARD F. BELISLE

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Curtis W. Myers and Sam L. Miller were shoo-ins for the two Antrim Township Supervisor seats in the Nov. 8 election until Larson Wenger launched his write-in campaign.

Myers, the top vote-getter in the May 17 primary with 716 votes, and Miller, second with 369 votes, beat incumbents Wenger and B.J. Roberts, who ended the day with 286 and 206 votes, respectively.

The fifth candidate, Rodney L. Eberly, came in third with 342 votes.

If his write-in campaign fails, Wenger, 51, of 9344 Hades Church Road, ends an 18-year run as a supervisor. He said he wants to stay on the board "because there are a lot of programs that I'd like to see through."


He said he has the support of the business community, who urged him to run a write-in campaign.

He said he's going door to door to talk to voters.

"If I don't win, I'll know in my heart that I did my best," he said.

Miller, 37, of 10809 Grant Shook Road, is making his first try at politics.

He said he's up to the challenge and wants to see changes made in the way the township is handling the explosive growth. It needs to be slowed down so the township can catch up with improvements to its infrastructure, he said.

"Once it's developed, the taxpayer is left to pay for it," he said.

Myers, 43, of 11743 Melrose Ave., said it's time for a change.

He, too, is concerned with growth.

"It affects everyone who lives here," he said.

"There has to be ways to control it. On one hand, they want to protect farmland, then they approve new developments," he said.

Myers said there are plans in the works for "3,000 to 5,000 new homes in the next five years."

Myers had a run-in with the law earlier this year when he was charged with receiving stolen property and theft involving a trailer, according to Franklin County Court records.

He was admitted to the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program in July and ordered to pay a $300 fine and $90.25 in restitution, court records said.

The ARD program is designed for first-time offenders who can request that charges be dismissed upon completion of the program.

Myers said he entered the program on the advice of his attorney.

Supervisors earn $3,200 a year in Antrim Township.

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