Halloween alter egos

October 25, 2005|by FEDORA COPLEY

What are you being for Halloween?

"Should I say it?" Billy Yesko, 14, a freshman at North Hagerstown High School, asked a friend standing next to him.

"No, make it up," replied Amber Harris, 18.

"OK then, I'll be a cheerleader," Billy said. Then he added, "Really, I'm being a (deleted). Would the newspaper print that?"

[Editor's note: No, we wouldn't.]

Billy and Amber and a group of friends were standing in Valley Mall in Halfway on a recent Friday night. Amber had a baby, Adley, who she said will be dressed as a lamb. Amber said she doesn't know what she'll be for Halloween.


With Halloween less than a week away, it's time to have costume ideas in place. Billy, Amber and other teens already have a plan.

Also in the group was John Strait, 16, who said he plans on being a clown for Halloween because he likes the face paint. Another friend, Ashley Rocco, 16, who goes to North High, will be a fairy.

In another part of the mall, Maria Ruck, 13, of Hagerstown, said she probably will hand out candy, not go trick-or-treating, but jokingly added she will dress "as a bum." Her friend, Kayleigh Martin, 12, who lives in Williamsport, said the two will go to parties most likely.

Quinshawn Gray and Jasmine Barnes paused as they walked along the mall corridor to talk about their Halloween costumes. Quinshawn said she will be a witch because, she said, "I'm evil." Jasmine says she is going as a tiger, just because she likes tigers. They also will go to parties.

In front of Hot Topic, several groups of teens wearing black clothes and silver chains walked past. They looked like they might be wearing Halloween costumes already.

One such group included John Burker, 18, and Kevin Botts, 16. When asked what he was wearing for Halloween, John motioned to his black attire and said, "You're looking at it." They said parties aren't their thing, but they liked the idea of scaring people.

A particularly elusive group of boys had Patrick Lynch in it, identified by his friend.

"Fish, just write that," Patrick said. A friend, who didn't want to identify himself, said "If I had to dress up, I'd probably go as a member of N'Sync."

Troy Chaney, 18, who attends Hagerstown Community College, said he has to dress up for a party he's going to. In the past, he's dressed as a skateboarder and a variety of monsters, but he didn't know what he'll be this year.

Teri Keller and Midori Frace, both 11, said they probably will go as skateboarders because "a lot of girls are being cheerleaders, and guys are being football players," said Midori.

They want to do something different, and that's what Halloween is all about.

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