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October 23, 2005

"I learned the hard way that you shouldn't try to outrun a deer if you see it running toward the highway - it's best to slow down and give the deer the right of way. Besides, there might be more than the one you see. I missed the first deer, breathed a sigh of relief, and got hit by the second deer (that I hadn't seen) to the tune of several thousand dollars in damage. Had I slowed instead of speeding up, both deer would have gotten across the road before I got there.

"Also, blowing the horn can cause a deer to run out if it's standing next to the road. It's best to drive slowly by. High beams blind them and flashing your lights can also cause them to run in a direction other than the one you intend.

"And deer have been known to run into the side of your car even if you're completely stopped. That also happened to me; fortunately, not much damage that time.


"It's too bad that we've built so many roads that deer have no safe place to exist."

"Six or seven years ago, I was coming back from Romney, W.Va., at twilight and a deer came down off an embankment and slammed into the side of my van. Thankfully, the hood flew open and the deer rolled across the engine and off to the side. If the hood had stayed closed, I think my son and I would've been killed. It would've slammed through the windshield on top of us! Sometimes, you can't avoid them. And believe me, if you see one, there's more than one."

"How ironic this poll, since this past Sunday morning at 1:15 a.m. on the way home from judging a band competition, I was given the opportunity to have a new hood ornament! Hit the deer broadside head on, and it fell and up and over my Saturn Vue! Quick as that, I called 911 to let them know a deer might still be on Md. 64 outside of Smithsburg. I never looked in the mirror! I was speaking too many French words at that time!

"NOW the insurance company will hold it against me for two-three years that the deer didn't cross where he was supposed to!"

"Fortunately, I've never hit a deer. Unfortunately, I have hit a cow - a black angus, after dark on an unlit country road."

"I just hit one in my 8-day-old car last week. I blame the hunters for scaring them out of the woods, yet without them, they'd be all over. ..."

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