Hood teams with foundation for endowment campaign

College president says fundraising will benefit students from Washington County

College president says fundraising will benefit students from Washington County

October 22, 2005|By MARIE GILBERT

On Thursday afternoon, Hood College President Ron Volpe reaffirmed his school's connection to students from Washington County. And new scholarships should nurture that connection.

At a reception at Fountain Head Country Club, north of Hagerstown, he announced that the school is one of 16 community organizations and institutions participating in the Waltersdorf-Henson Endowment Challenge Campaign.

The John M. Waltersdorf Family and the Richard A. Henson Foundation have agreed to give $2.5 million each to support the challenge campaign. The program will provide a dollar in matching funds for every dollar raised in new endowment funds.


Hood College's fundraising goal is $100,000, which, if met, will be matched for a total of $200,000.

Volpe said the endowment will be used for scholarships for qualified students in Washington County who want to attend Hood College. The scholarships will be awarded when the college has met two-thirds of its goal.

The campaign will run for five years.

"We are pleased and excited to participate in this campaign," said Volpe. "We were invited because of our longtime presence in this area. Currently, over 10 percent of our students are from Washington County."

Volpe also noted that "many outstanding citizens of the county are graduates of Hood and many are former trustees."

"We have a long and rich relationship with this region," he added.

The announcement was made at a reception attended by area Hood alumni and supporters.

Also in attendance was John Waltersdorf, who said he was very excited about the campaign.

"As a 20-year trustee at Hood, I'm thrilled that the school has accepted this challenge. It's very important that we can provide financial aid to local students to attend Hood. It's an outstanding educational institution."

"This is a very exciting time for all of us," said Mort Gamble, vice president of Institutional Advancement at Hood. "We're very honored to be participating in this program. This means a great deal to Hood, but it also will mean a great deal to Washington County students who will benefit from the scholarships."

Other area organizations and agencies which have been selected to participate in the challenge campaign include the Hagerstown Community College Foundation, Hagerstown YMCA, Maryland Symphony Orchestra and REACH, Inc.

All funds will be held and managed by the Community Foundation of Washington County, which serves as a hub for charitable giving in the county.

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