Survey shows multipurpose recreational building wanted

October 19, 2005|by TARA REILLY

The majority of those who took a Washington County Recreation Department survey said they would like the county to build a large, multipurpose recreational facility.

Recreation Manager Jaime Dick presented the survey results to the County Commissioners at Tuesday's meeting.

Of the 3,453 registrations the county received for its spring/summer 2005 recreation programs, 831 people filled out the surveys, which were included with the registration forms.

The first question asked, "If Washington County were to develop recreation facilities in the future, which would you prefer?"

According to the survey results, 684 people responded that they would prefer the development of a single, large recreation complex that would include an indoor swimming pool, gym, multipurpose rooms and outdoor fields.

The results stated that 131 chose just an indoor swimming pool, while 16 others chose other options.

The majority of the survey takers - 31.2 percent - said they would like a recreation center to be built in the eastern area of the county.


The other responses were:

  • 24.2 percent, southern part of the county

  • 13.9 percent, western part of the county

  • 11.8 percent, City of Hagerstown

  • 11.1 percent, Halfway area

  • 7.6 percent, northern part of the county

The survey also asked questions about the types of programs people would like to see provided by the Recreation Department.

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