Charges dismissed against former delegate candidate

October 18, 2005|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Charges were dismissed Monday against a Republican House of Delegates candidate from Jefferson County who was indicted last month on three counts of failure to file a candidates financial statement, court officials said.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Thomas W. Steptoe Jr. accepted the dismissal of the charges against Frederick E. Blackmer Jr. after Blackmer filed the reports that were requested by the state Secretary of State's office, said Jim Kratovil, Blackmer's attorney.

"I don't think anyone was mad at him. They just wanted him to file the reports," Kratovil said.

Blackmer was indicted for failing to file candidate financial statements in the months following Jefferson County's May 2004 primary election in which Blackmer was defeated by Republican Suzanne Morgan.


Blackmer was indicted for failing to file candidate financial statements in September, October and November of last year, Jefferson County Circuit Court records said.

A spokesman for the Secretary of State's office declined last month to comment on the case involving Blackmer, but said candidates running in an election are required to file six financial statements.

Three are filed for a primary election and three are filed for a general election, said Ben Beakes, chief of staff in the Secretary of State's office.

Since Blackmer did not continue his campaign into the general election, Blackmer thought he did not have to file additional financial statements, Kratovil said.

Blackmer filed the rest of the statements from the general election and Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Michael D. Thompson agreed to dismiss the indictment, Kratovil said.

Blackmer said Monday he filed three reports "with all zeros." Blackmer said his campaign account was closed after the primary election and as a result the three reports showed no income and no spending.

"My campaign was over on election night, May 11," Blackmer said.

Blackmer said previously he funded his campaign except for $35 he received in donations.

Blackmer downplayed the indictment Monday, saying such actions are no way to treat people who are trying to do good for their communities.

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