Sports: Not the usual suspects

October 18, 2005|By ROBERT KELLER

Most teenagers love sports. But have you met someone who plays lacrosse, step or pickle ball? Many teens like to play these sports.

I met teens at Valley Mall in Hagerstown over the weekend and asked them about the sports they play.

Cody Ewan, who is 13, plays football. He lives in Chambersburg, Pa., and likes to throw the football around with his family. What he likes about football is catching and throwing the football, as well as practice.

Mark Cirdon, 13, of Leitersburg, enjoys playing lacrosse and basketball. He said he sort of plays these sports with his family. He likes these sports because they are fast-paced.

Tim Schmidt, Ryan Rowland, Darryl Shirley and Devon Byrd were hanging out. Tim, 14, of Hagers-town, enjoys playing football. He says he likes beating the other team. Ryan, 14, and Darryl and Devon, both 13, like baseball. They like hitting the ball.


Beth Smith, 13, of Williamsport, enjoys playing volleyball. She used to play this with her family but doesn't anymore. She enjoys volleyball because, she feels, it is a fun sport.

Cierra Spigler, 15, of Williamsport, enjoys a sport called pickle ball - played using a giant ping pong paddle to hit a wiffleball back and forth, almost like a blend of baseball and tennis. She says she plays it in school.

Stephanie Grove, 14, of Hagerstown, enjoys playing football. She likes this sport because she watches it on TV.

Shaquita Nelson, 14, of Hagerstown, enjoys a dance routine called "step." She likes this because she gets to perform in front of people.

Samantha Thomas of Sharpsburg, 17, enjoys running with the track team. Track is almost like cross-country. She likes this sport because she likes running.

Last, but not least, is Jamie Horine, 13, of Greencastle, Pa., He plays on my Hagerstown Area Youth Soccer League. He also enjoys playing football. He likes soccer and football because of the competition.

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