Policein W.Va. investigating theft of narcotics from ambulance

October 12, 2005|by DAVE McMILLION

RANSON, W.Va. - Police were investigating the theft of narcotics from an Independent Fire Co. ambulance that was broken into over the weekend.

On Saturday night or Sunday morning, someone cut a lock on a storage compartment on the ambulance that is used to store medicine, said Ranson Police Chief Bill Roper.

Some high doses and low doses of narcotics were taken from the compartment, Roper said.

Most of the medicine in the compartment is cardiac-related and any narcotics inside would be an "incidental amount," said Independent Fire Chief Ed Smith.


A bag containing the narcotics and the other medicines was taken, Smith said.

Smith said the theft can put people's lives at risk, which is more significant than the theft itself. Responding to a call and not having the medicine available interferes with the ability of medical crews to care for patients, Smith said.

The narcotics were taken from the ambulance while it was parked inside the Independent Fire Co. station along Second Avenue, Roper said.

There was no indication that the fire station was broken into, Roper said.

It is the second theft of narcotics from the fire station.

A nearly identical incident took place in July. Roper said someone cut a lock on a storage compartment on an ambulance and took narcotics.

A similar amount of narcotics was stolen in both incidents, Roper said.

That case was still being investigated, Roper said.

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