Pass-happy Indians find running in mud to their liking

October 08, 2005


The Rolling Stones once sang a hit entitled "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Although Mick Jagger and Berkeley Springs football coach Angelo Luvara probably have little in common, Friday night's 31-0 win over Sidwell Friends proved another line of that rock song true.

"You get what you need."

Cody Hess woke up a lethargic offense, sloshing through ankle-deep mud 32 times for 231 yards and three touchdowns as the Indians righted the ship in grand fashion.

Hess had touchdown runs of 11, 20 and 47 yards.

"When the rains came today, it was obvious we were going to have to adjust from what we normally do," Luvara said. "The field would be muddy, so we went to the I-formation and put (Sidwell) in a position where they would have to stop us."


The Quakers did little of that on the evening, as Berkeley Springs rolled up 309 yards on the ground. The Indians alternated fullbacks Cody Reed and Luke Shambaugh into the game as lead blockers for Hess, and Berkeley Springs (3-3) wore the Quakers out.

"Reed and Shambaugh did a great job, as did our guys up front," Luvara said. "Even our wideouts got into the blocking act tonight. Once we saw that passing was next to impossible in this weather, we adjusted to what we could do best."

The passing game wasn't completely abandoned. Leading 13-0 in the third quarter, Berkeley Springs quarterback Joe Whitehead lofted a pass over the linebackers to Ryan Morris, who splashed through the mud toward the right sideline until he reached grass, then outran the Sidwell cornerbacks to the endzone for a 61-yard score.

"We sort of saw we could get that play one time," Luvara said. "They were playing a lot of zero cover and that put Morris out there by himself."

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