Blast from the past

October 05, 2005

Week of Oct. 2, 1955

When Mrs. William Beckley, Hagerstown Rt. 3, placed a two-line "reader" ad in the Herald-Mail newspaper, she agreed that the ad ought to find buyers for the 50 New Hampshire Red pullets she had for sale.

The ad appeared but once when advertising here received a call from Mrs. Beckley to take the ad out immediately. She said that she sold not only the 50 chickens, but could have sold many more and was still receiving calls.

Somewhere in this vicinity there is a woman who is minus a pair of shoes as a result of a breaking and entering at the Old Mill tavern on the Greencastle Pike in which the woman left the premises with such speed that she left her shoes behind.

Proprietor Brownie Trumpower told police that he still has the shoes, the only clues to the identity of the blond woman and her boyfriend who dived out a kitchen window when Trumpower yelled at them to stop and fired a shot into the air.


September was a record month for births at Washington County Hospital, John A. Schaffer, hospital administrator, announced today.

A total of 177 infants was born during the month, with girls outnumbering boys, 100 to 77. This is the largest number of births in one month in the hospital's history.

Week of Oct. 2, 1980

For the fourth time in as many months, Highfield Water Co. customers are once again facing critical water shortages because of the lack of rain.

Authorities have made arrangements for hauling water to the reservoir serving the Highfield-Cascade area, but company spokesman Palmer Dawson warned, "It is possible that customers will experience a severe drop in water pressure or be out of water entirely for an undetermined period of time.

The Washington County Commission on Tuesday refused to enter into an agreement with the state prison system to house state-sentenced prisoners at the county jail. The decision was reached after Sheriff Glenn Bowman cited already-overcrowded conditions and limited manpower.

Local NAACP chapter President Donald Davis urged Washington County Commissioners to examine their minority hiring policy of minorities.

However, County Commissioner President Marty Snook took exception to the charge and asked Davis to name one minority individual who tried to get a job with the county and was refused.

Davis countered that he could name none, but that applicants were often told that they were not qualified.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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