Not all wet

October 04, 2005|By HIRA ZEB and NELL BARBER

Teen reporters Hira Zeb and Nell Barber review "Into the Blue," a new film directed by John Stockwell in which four scuba-diving friends find an old sunken ship and a submerged airplane loaded with drugs. But police and rival treasure-seekers aren't happy with the group's discoveries.

Hira: The plot of "Into the Blue" is really good. It doesn't start out bland or slow, and I like the soundtrack music. I would go out and buy it. It's really loud, and relevant to the film.

Nell: At first, sitting in the theater, I thought that it would be a movie made for teens. But it isn't something as simple and light-hearted as "Without a Paddle" or "Eurotrip." It isn't too predictable, and it isn't just like everything else that you see in theaters today.

Hira: This movie is more original. Paul Walker plays Jared and Jessica Alba plays Sam. They basically live in the water, and it doesn't really seem a normal way of life. At first, I thought it was going to be a kind of movie where guys and girls are just going to be coming to goggle at Alba and Walker in bathing suits, but it is much more than that.


Nell: Overall the movie has a good balance between action, and humor. There are a few funny moments dropped in here and there, and it isn't cheesy, or overly gross. You wouldn't classify it as a chick flick at all. It's a movie you could see with any group of friends.

As far as hanky-panky goes, the farthest it got was kissing while partially undressed. And it fit in with the romance portion, because one of the main questions of the movie, apart from that of integrity, was "for love or money?"

Hira: As the movie progressed, I was on the edge of my seat more and more, and the plot thickened. You don't know who was going to do what. The soundtrack is loud and jolting, and it adds to the suspense.

Nell: I've seen Jessica Alba in the recent movie "Fantastic Four", in which she gave an OK performance, but she exceeded my expectations in "Into The Blue." This puts her acting into a new perspective.

Hira: There aren't many special effects in the movie, but there are some rather unrealistic underwater stunts. They are obviously almost all computer-generated, and didn't really flow naturally.

Still, I would definitely call this a five-star performance, and I would go to see it again.

Nell: I would give it four stars out of five, and I'll probably see it again, and recommend it to anyone interested.

As far as "sexual hanky-panky" goes, the farthest it got was kissing while partially undressed. No nudity. It was relevant to the movie, because it fit in with the romance portion, which was very relevant, because one of the main questions of the movie, apart from that of integrity, was "for love or money?"

It doesn't mention anything more than that the husband "Jared" recently was fired/quit from a job. They didn't specify. It seemed that they were pleasure divers/treasure hunters.

I thought that it was a movie made for teens, more than anyone else, (though there were two people behind us who looked to be in their 70's or so) but it wasn't something as simple, and light-hearted as "Without a Paddle" or "Eurotrip" (which, incedentally, I enjoyed thoroughly, but understand that it wasn't anything more than a funny, slightly disgusting teen movie, made for no other purpoes that for laughs). It had interesting plot, and, though not entirely original, was different than a lot that you'd see in theaters today.

It wasn't a comedy, or a horror had a bit of everything.

And, no. My mom didn't see it with me, it was just Hira and I.

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