Police agree to join forces

October 04, 2005|By KAREN HANNA

The Town of Boonsboro's new police department, which has expanded to three members, has pledged to help two other Washington County forces, if they ever need assistance.

With the passage of a mutual-aid agreement and the addition of a new officer, Boonsboro's new police department is expanding.

The Boonsboro Town Council voted at its meeting Monday night to approve an agreement to provide the Smithsburg and Hancock police departments help, if the towns need it.

Chief Jeff Hewett, who has been in charge of Boonsboro's new police department since it started in July, told the council the mutual-aid agreement would allow the towns to share police protection for special events, such as parades or festivals.

"It's only gonna be used on a ... probably rare occasion," Hewett told the council.

The police department added a third officer in September, Hewett said.

Hewett was on hand at the Town Council's meeting Monday night to accept a donation of $1,000 from James Hornsby, a manager at the Wal-Mart in Hagerstown, for police equipment. According to Hornsby, Wal-Mart also plans to buy two bulletproof vests for the department.


The Boonsboro Town Council voted in May to start its own department. The Washington County Sheriff's Department previously provided police service.

Smithsburg, Hancock and Boonsboro are the only three towns outside Hagerstown with their own forces, Hewett said.

According to Hewett, the new officer will work part time. The police department now logs about 100 hours a week, said Hewett, who works full time, along with Officer Jeff Shifler.

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