Blast from the past

September 28, 2005

Week of Sept. 25, 1955

Glenn Crane, 330 South Street, is doing his part to promote friendly relations between sportsmen and farmers.

Mr. Crane, president of the Funkstown Rod and Gun Club, has built a number of stiles on county farms so that hunters and fishermen can cross wire fences without breaking them. He has also erected a number of signs asking sportsmen to close farmers' gates and not to litter their property.

Speaking of fish and wildlife reminds us that that District Game Warden Stanley H. Alexander said this week that a mysterious disease may have stricken deer in the Blair's Valley section.

The remains of three deer - all of them females - have been found recently in that area. Conservationists are at a loss to say whether the animals died from illness or poison.


Daylight Saving Time ends for this area at 2 a.m. Sunday, but its continuation in twelve other states, including parts of Pennsylvania, until the end of next month, will complicate life for some.

Week of Sept. 25, 1980

The state may have to double up prisoners at the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown to meet the Oct. 1 deadline to end double-celling at the Maryland Penitentiary and Reception Center. Stephen B. Caplis, assistant attorney general, said, "We have no choice but to make Oct. 1, even if it means re-doubling Hagerstown."

But MCI faces a Jan. 1-ordered deadline to end double-celling.

The music program in Washington County schools impressed 33 visiting Japanese educators this week as they toured North High and Northern Middle School, Monday and today.

The Japanese educators stopped in Washington County, Maryland for a visit, because this county's fame in education preceded it by many years in educational circles around the world.

Across the country, nearly 3 million households - if people in them were tuned in - heard a brief history of Hagerstown, saw pictures of City Hall and the Hager House.

Just as the nation of Cable News Network watchers were being introduced to Hagerstown, area subscribers of Antietam Cable TV were being introduced to CNN, a 24-hour total news network. CNN was welcoming Hagerstown viewers to CNN, because Antietam Cable became its newest on-the-air subscriber Monday.

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