Inner Voices

Poetry by area teens

Poetry by area teens

September 27, 2005

Keep One Fist of Hope


This is what they said to me:

"Oh the look in your eyes tells me you're not doing your best.

I would still see it, even if you were the most talented actress.

I can see right through the lies.

I can see what it is that you're trying to hide."

I said to them:

"You don't even know my heart well,

How would you even be able to tell?

Are the forced smiles and small laughs of fake pleasure that noticeable?"


"My dear," they said, "when you're not even near, I can sense it from miles away,

I know life gets ugly and it will get worse, I'm sorry to have to say.

Just try to pull through and when life tears you down,

Build it right back up before another storm comes around.

And if we humbly sit in this hideous room,

We will soon smell the scent of violets in bloom.

Hope will slip from right under your fingertips,

But don't let it get away,

My darling, don't try to hate each day.

"Everything in time will soon be

nothing but a rhyme."

My Dying Love


But when we love,

We give up ourselves,

For love is given selflessly.

If in fact, it is true,

You are willing to give up everything.

We are so vulnerable.

For when we get our hearts torn apart,

We realize how naive we were to the

false feelings of the opponent.

So excuse me for keeping my heart locked in a box.

Call me selfish for not wanting it stolen.

But I'd rather keep this

Than feel the jagged rocks penetrating my heart.

I guess you could call me wise

For refusing to believe your lies.

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