The city council's letter to Trump

September 24, 2005

Dear Mayor Trump:

Your words and actions at our meetings indicate that you are either unwilling or incapable of following the rules of procedure adopted by this administration. Despite numerous efforts by individual members of the Council to address these issues privately with you, your failure to follow basic rules of procedure, decorum and civility have worsened. This is unacceptable. The Council hereby puts you on notice that such conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.

We are also extremely concerned with your inappropriate behavior directed towards council members at City Hall. Questioning member's (sic) religious beliefs (over their stated objections) is unacceptable. Specifically wanting to know if certain members of the Council are "Born again Christians" is neither appropriate nor, as one member told you, is it any of your business.

We formally insist that you adhere to our rules, the City Charter and common decency.

Kristin B. Aleshire


Alesia Parson-McBean

Kelly S. Cromer

Lewis C. Metzner

Penny May Nigh

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