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September 19, 2005

First came The Daily Mail, in 1828.

Then came The Morning Herald, in 1873.

The two Hagerstown newspapers merged and moved into 25 Summit Ave. in 1920.

Today, The Herald-Mail Co. continues to publish those two papers, plus combined Saturday and Sunday editions known as The Herald-Mail.

The Daily Mail, an afternoon paper, circulates mainly in Washington County, which is the focus of most of its local stories.

The Morning Herald, a morning paper, covers Washington and Frederick counties in Maryland; Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan counties in West Virginia; and Franklin and Fulton counties in Pennsylvania.


The Saturday and Sunday editions reach as far as The Morning Herald does during the week.

As of 2004, the Daily Mail's circulation was about 13,600 and The Morning Herald's circulation was about 22,400.

The Herald-Mail's circulation was about 35,400 on Saturday and 39,800 on Sunday.

The Herald-Mail Co. moved to its current building at 100 Summit Ave. in 1979.

At the same time, the newspaper switched from linotype machines to an offset press.

In August, The Herald-Mail installed an addition intended to significantly increase color production on its press. The newspaper invested $2.5 million in the improvement.

The Herald-Mail Co. has continued to expand its operations in other ways.

An interactive Web site for news, sports, Lifestyle stories, event listings and much more averages more than 1 million page views per month.

A newer Web site, called Hagerstown Blogs, is a forum for ideas and opinions in the form of "blogs," or Web logs.

The newspaper prints several special publications during the year on golf, weddings, businesses and other topics.

A new division has published two Washington County history books and a book that showcases the work of the newspaper's staff photographers.

The Herald-Mail Co. is owned by Schurz Communications of South Bend, Ind. Antietam Cable Television in Hagerstown is another Schurz Communications property.

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