Restaurant inspections

September 18, 2005

How it works

Each month, The Herald-Mail publishes the findings of initial food establishment inspections by the Washington County Health Department. Food service facilities are inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are following the regulations that govern such establishments.

Inspectors also conduct follow-up inspections and monitoring inspections, and investigate complaints and food-borne outbreaks.

Potentially hazardous food means any food rich in protein that will support the rapid growth and reproduction of food-borne disease microorganisms.

Inspections are conducted at restaurants, nursing homes, schools, grocery stores and other places that serve food, including those that only are temporary such as fairs and carnivals.


Critical violations such as contaminated or spoiled food, improper temperatures of foods, improper cooking or no running water must be corrected immediately. Those items are marked with *.

Other violations must be corrected within 30 days. Follow-up inspections will be conducted as needed.

Those violations corrected on day of inspection are indicated as (corrected).

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in July and found to have critical violations that needed to be corrected immediately:

Ryan's Family Steak House

17830 Garland Groh Blvd., Hagerstown - * tuna salad in buffet not cold enough (corrected); can opener must be cleaned (corrected); replace light bulbs under exhaust hood; replace damage light shields in bakery; pressure in dish machine too high; must have chemical test strips for three-compartment sink.

Penn Avenue Meats Inc.

13142 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown - * container of salad had brown lettuce (voluntarily discarded); stained ceiling tiles must be cleaned or replaced; wall in employee restroom must be cleaned; floors in meat cutting room and walk-in cooler need repairs and must have smooth, cleanable surfaces; peeling paint in walk-in freezer must be repaired.

Big Lots

1105 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown - * five moldy loaves of bread (voluntarily removed from shelves); * severely dented cans of fruit salad and baked beans (voluntarily discarded); warehouse floor must be cleaned; mop sink must be repaired; storage shelves in juice aisle need to be cleaned; trash containers must be tightly closed; gaps at bottom of front door must be sealed to prevent vermin entry; cardboard must be in trash containers; hand sink in women's restroom must be fixed; stained ceiling tiles must be cleaned or replaced; mop sink needs backflow prevention device.

Super Buffet

63 Eastern Blvd., Hagerstown - *tapioca pudding at salad bar not cold enough (corrected); food in walk-in cooler and freezer must be covered (corrected); floors need to be cleaned under storage shelves; food container cannot be stored on floor of coolers and freezer; vegetable graters must be smooth and cleanable; air gaps from soda and fountain drains are inadequate to prevent backflow; ceiling in front of cooking line must be cleaned; gaps at top and bottom of screen door must be sealed to prevent vermin entry; screens must be cleaned.

Little Caesars Pizza

420 E. Antietam St., Hagerstown - * food on pizza preparation table not cold enough (corrected); chemical spray bottles must be labeled (corrected); soap and towels needed at hand sink (corrected); repairs needed on walk-in cooler door gaskets, broken floor tiles and drip at drain pipe near three-compartment sink; cleaning needed on stained ceiling tiles, floors, walls behind dough mixer, restroom, mop room and walk-in cooler; replace ceiling tiles; thermometers needed in freezer; trash containers must be covered; repair needed for self-closing rear door; dough mixed must be cleaned of flour and dough accumulation.

Junction 808 Family Restaurant

808 Noland Drive, Hagerstown - * shredded cheese not cold enough (voluntarily discarded); must clean interior of ice cream freezer; floors throughout need cleaning; cracked floor tiles must be repaired or replaced; must replace exhaust hood baffle filter; door gaskets on refrigerator must be repaired; refrigerator door must be repaired; inadequate air gaps from ice cream dipper well, walk-ins and ice machine to prevent backflow; pipe must be closed to prevent vermin entry from outside; hazard plan must be posted.

The following food service establishments were inspected by the Washington County Health Department in July and found to have sanitation violations that must be corrected within 30 days:

Teriyaki Temple and Kelly's Cajun

18301 Valley Mall Road, Hagerstown - floor drains from two-compartment sink must be cleared (corrected); floor must be repaired around three-compartment sink; clean floor under exhaust hood and shelving in walk-in; food cannot be stored on floor; replace damaged light shield; clean nozzles on soda dispenser.

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