Inner voices

Poetry by area teens

Poetry by area teens

September 13, 2005

"Little Sister"

By Matt Moulton

Lizzy in a tizzy, she's so fizzy

Running around with a thunderous sound

She's fallen down, but she gets off the ground

She's dancing around, with energy abound

She's screaming through the air, and tossing her hair,

And when I tickle her tummy, she gives me a glare.

She's playing dress up now,

With kings' and queens' crowns

and she goes on her fairy tales,


with strange islands and erratic whales,

with the wind in the sails, she sails,



By Matt Moulton

Dangerous, in the line of battle, run out, fire a round,

Run back, safe and sound, accuracy my target, right on spot.

Rapid fire, barrel growing hot, get shot I must not.

Got to dodge and weave, roll up my sleeve, get down in the bushes,

Crawl on my knees, rounds flying dangerously overhead.

Like a hero general once said, a hero shoots straight and true.

Who is the hero? The hero is you!

"Put Down the Pen and Get Outside"

By Matt Moulton

I don't know what to write today.

I just want to go out and play

amidst the flowers, a brilliant array.

The dazzling colors wave through -

red, orange, yellow, and blue.

At the edge, I pause and take a few.

You pause, too, to take off my shoe!

Barefoot on rocks, green water rushing past -

it seems this place will forever last!

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