Officials say taxi company in violation of zoning

September 08, 2005|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

The city on Tuesday announced plans to take a taxi company owner to court, alleging that zoning doesn't allow his business to be where it is.

City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman said Doug Shumaker has been running a taxi-repair garage at 609 N. Locust St. He said city employees have seen at least six cabs, part of his taxi-business fleet, stored there at once.

At the end of the meeting, City Zoning Administrator Stephen Bockmiller told The Herald-Mail that the city would ask a judge for an injunction to halt Shumaker's business.

Bockmiller said Shumaker has run both S&S Transportation and Hagerstown Taxi at that address.

Contacted after the meeting, Shumaker said that neither S&S Transportation, a business that requires customers to call for a ride, nor Hagerstown Taxi, a business that picks up fares on the street, operates out of 609 N. Locust St.


Rather, HT Garage, a repair business he owns, operates at that address. He said the zoning allows it.

Shumaker said the city has been after him for years. Enforcement heated up again when Mayor Richard F. Trump took office, he said.

Shumaker plans to fight the allegation in court.

The matter was about to be part of an executive session at Tuesday's council meeting until Councilman Lew Metzner asked that it be discussed in public.

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