Inner voices

Poetry by area teens

Poetry by area teens

August 30, 2005

"Time is Better Spent Without You"


Those words that you said to me,

Were they just out of sympathy?

Why did you never figure out

What this love was all about?

It's compassion and caring;

It's giving and sharing;

It's hurting and learning;

It's singing and crying;

It's living;


It's dying.

How did these things not work out?

Why didn't you stay when you said you would without a doubt?

Are we ever to meet again?

Cherish these words for the weekend:

We faded;

We hated;

We contemplated;

We shifted;

We drifted;

We sifted this sand.



And this sky won't stay blue forever;

The clouds will soon close in and sever the light;

Hold me darling, just for tonight.

We'll make believe everything's okay;

And when we see there's no more day;

We'll watch the crows fly away, fly away.

And as the ocean dances and seethes;

We'll watch the bodies float by underneath;

And we'll find our lungs unable to breathe.

We'll sit and watch the earth decay;

Where children no longer go out to play;

Take my hand as we fade away.

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