Good job makes summer fun and funny

August 30, 2005|by ALAN SOKOL

What do water balloons, golf and go-karts have in common? No, it's not some new reality game show hosted by Dave Barry.

These are a few of a things that Robert Kornides was involved in during the summer.

Kornides, 15, is a sophomore at Boonsboro High School. During the summer, he played tennis and golf for fun, but he also found fun at his part-time summer job at Family Recreation Park.

Family Rec, as it's commonly called, offers go-karts, a driving range, a game room, miniature golf and water balloon slingshots on U.S. 40 east of Hagerstown. It's open into October, but it's especially popular with families on hot summer days.

He applied at Family Rec because his sister worked there previously and he always enjoyed visiting the place, especially as a kid. As an employee, he did things like filling water balloons and putting kids on the junior rides.


During his time at Family Rec, Robert saw many funny and amazing things.

Once, he was tending to the junior go-karts. Two kids were bumping each other - ignoring the fact that bumping isn't allowed - and one girl's kart almost tipped over. She kept on driving as if nothing happened.

One day, while he was maintaining the bumper boats, a girl jumped out of the boat and started swimming in the pool - "in the water that's only, like, 8 inches deep," Robert noted. The girl's mother told her to get out, but the little girl refused. She really seemed to enjoy the swim.

Another time, he was working up by the pavilion, near the driving ranges. Safety nets are installed to keep golf balls from exiting the driving range, but someone hit a ball so high that it went over the nets and flew into the go-kart garage. No injuries, but it was still worth a chuckle.

The funniest thing that happened to Robert was funny mostly in retrospect.

"I was filling up the water balloons that were in a large tub, like a trash can, and it was full of water," he said. "Somehow, a girl ran into it and knocked it over, and it spilled all over me, and I was soaking wet. I didn't have any change of clothes and my feet were really wet. I had to go on through the night and I was pretty cold, because I had to work in those clothes."

Robert loved his job at Family Rec. The pay was good, he met new people all the time, and it kept him from dying of boredom during summer vacation.

What's not to like?

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