State cash awards announced

August 29, 2005

The following state cash awards were announced Thursday:

· $1,869,375 (Governor's Office for Children Local Management Board Award); Washington County Community Partnership for Children & Families, for various community programs.

· $200,000 (Community Development Block Grant Program); Washington County Community Action Council, for low-income housing rehabilitation.

· $50,000 (Community Legacy program); City of Hagerstown, for demolition of Massey property buildings along East Baltimore Street to make room for new homes.

· $112,000 (Heritage Preservation Tax Credit); Richard McCleary, for restoration of the Jacob Swope/Delta Hosiery building at 66-70 W. Washington Street.

· $540,000 (Heritage Preservation Tax Credit); Clyde Deming, for restoration of the Schindel-Rohrer building on South Potomac Street.

· $50,000 (Capital Historic Preservation Grant); Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown, for repairs to the slate roof.

· $11,000 (Capital Historic Preservation Grant); Hagerstown Model Railroad Museum at Antietam Station in Sharpsburg, for building repairs.

· $225,622 (Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention); City of Hagerstown, for protective body armor replacement, a C-SAFE program coordinator, policing and other activities.


· $25,660 (GOCCP); Washington County Sheriff's Department, for a deputy assigned to rural domestic violence work and warrant service.

· $54,006 (GOCCP); CASA Inc., to fund the Family Violence Council coordinator and a domestic violence victim therapist.

· $30,950 (GOCCP); Washington County Commissioners, for the Community Service Work Crew program

· $42,500 (GOCCP); Washington County Community Partnership for Children & Families, for an alternative education program for problem students.

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