School daze

One student's excitement is another's dread on first day

One student's excitement is another's dread on first day

August 29, 2005|by ERIN CUNNINGHAM


New teachers, old friends and new clothes.

A new school year has arrived.

Students in Washington County and Berkeley County, W.Va., public schools went back to the classroom last week, and other students around the Tri-State area are set to do the same this week.

Jillana Widmyer, 11, of Williamsport, a sixth-grader at Springfield Middle School, said Sunday she was excited on the first day of school to see her friends. She said she did not get to spend time with all of them over the summer, and it was nice to catch up. One of her friends, Katlyn Willetts, 10, of Williamsport, also attends Springfield Middle, and the girls share homeroom together.


"I like seeing all the new teachers," said Katlyn, who noted that she likes all of her teachers and already has had a test.

Rusty Baker, 15, of Clear Spring, began his 10th-grade year at Clear Spring High School dreading tests and work. He said his schedule is harder than in the past. He has government, math, biology and band classes.

"All I have to do is work," Rusty said. "I wish it was June."

Dylan McNabb, 11, of Williamsport, also dislikes his academic schedule. He said he prefers gym class at Springfield Middle School.

"You get to do stuff and run around and stuff like that," he said.

Dylan said he sometimes enjoys school, but he wishes he could spend most of his time skateboarding.

Rene Streeter, of Hagerstown, said her daughter, 10-year-old Stephanie Streeter, enjoys outdoor activities like soccer, but she also loves going back to school. Streeter, who works as a secretary in the South Hagerstown High School attendance office, spends her summers off with her daughter, a Lincolnshire Elementary School fifth-grader.

"I don't like it when she's away," Streeter said.

She enjoys watching Stephanie play soccer, and the start of school means the start of soccer season.

A group of eighth-grade girls said Sunday they are excited to be top dogs at Springfield Middle School.

"I like the fact that in eighth grade, you get all the attention," said Loganne Smith, 13, of Williamsport.

Loganne said this time next year, when she is a ninth-grader, she and her friends will be "babies."

"We're going to go from big to small," she said.

Josie Folmer, 12, also an eighth-grader at Springfield Middle, said she enjoys seeing her friends, getting to know the new teachers and being a role model for sixth- and seventh-graders.

Kinsey Sprecher, 13, of Williamsport, another Springfield Middle eighth-grader, said she likes new teachers and stocking up on new clothes for the new school year.

Gina Baker, of Williamsport, just sent her youngest child to kindergarten. Samantha Baker, 5, took the bus to school for her first day at Williamsport Elementary School.

"It's hard for me as a parent to have my last one in kindergarten," Baker said.

Samantha's sister, Julianne Baker, 8, is a fourth-grader at Williamsport Elementary.

Baker said the first day of school is exciting because of what her girls do there.

"(Samantha) is learning where certain things are in the classroom," she said. "She's riding the bus. She's eating lunch with her friends. She's only been there one day, but she's ready to go back again."

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