Local agencies receive state money

August 26, 2005|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS


They might have looked goofy, but the oversized checks being handed out by state officials Thursday in downtown Hagerstown were helping local agencies laugh themselves straight to the bank.

A total of $3.2 million was awarded in new and recently announced appropriations, all of which was given to local officials, agencies or developers.

Community service agencies, police forces, downtown development projects, a church and a railroad museum were among the recipients.

David Jordan, director of the Washington County Community Action Council, said the $200,000 his agency received will allow more people with low incomes to be able to fix up their homes.


If not for the grant, "it would have meant a smaller program," Jordan said.

Scott Hesse, an elder at the Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown, said his church is undergoing a $146,000 renovation. State officials presented the church with a $50,000 historic preservation grant.

The money will help "keep the weather out of the sanctuary," Hesse said.

Del. Christopher B. Shank, reveling in the size of the cash awards, said later that this isn't the last of the money coming toward Washington County.

"That was just what was announced today," Shank said. Without getting into specifics, he said, "there's more on the way."

State cash awards announced

The following state cash awards were announced Thursday:

  • $1,869,375 (Governor's Office for Children Local Management Board Award); Washington County Community Partnership for Children & Families, for various community programs.

  • $200,000 (Community Development Block Grant Program); Washington County Community Action Council, for low-income housing rehabilitation.

  • $50,000 (Community Legacy program); City of Hagerstown, for demolition of Massey property buildings along East Baltimore Street to make room for new homes.

  • $112,000 (Heritage Preservation Tax Credit); Richard McCleary, for restoration of the Jacob Swope/Delta Hosiery building at 66-70 W. Washington Street.

  • $540,000 (Heritage Preservation Tax Credit); Clyde Deming, for restoration of the Schindel-Rohrer building on South Potomac Street.

  • $50,000 (Capital Historic Preservation Grant); Presbyterian Church of Hagerstown, for repairs to the slate roof.

  • $11,000 (Capital Historic Preservation Grant); Hagerstown Model Railroad Museum at Antietam Station in Sharpsburg, for building repairs.

  • $225,622 (Governor's Office of Crime Control & Prevention); City of Hagerstown, for protective body armor replacement, a C-SAFE program coordinator, policing and other activities.

  • $25,660 (GOCCP); Washington County Sheriff's Department, for a deputy assigned to rural domestic violence work and warrant service.

  • $54,006 (GOCCP); CASA Inc., to fund the Family Violence Council coordinator and a domestic violence victim therapist.

  • $30,950 (GOCCP); Washington County Commissioners, for the Community Service Work Crew program

  • $42,500 (GOCCP); Washington County Community Partnership for Children & Families, for an alternative education program for problem students.
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