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Blast from the past

August 24, 2005

Week of Aug. 21, 1955

While at the Municipal Pool just a week ago, Mrs. Marie Fridinger left two one-dozen cartons of eggs on the rear shelf of her car. Upon returning to the car after several hours of enjoying the swimming, she noticed that the sun was bearing down through the rear window onto the eggs. When she arrived home, she tested for possible damage and found that she had two dozen three-minute, soft-boiled eggs.

Hotel Dagmar personnel are emphatic in their denial that two TV personalities spent last Saturday night at the hotel, but the room clerk and at least one of the maids are puzzled over the behavior of the couple posing as Lucille Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz.

It is rumored that the couple gave the maid a $10 tip and asked her not to tell anyone who they really were. "I don't know how the rumor got started," says the room clerk. "I saw the couple and they didn't look anything like the Lucille and Desi I watch on television."


Speaking of post offices and changes, it was rumored this week that Funkstown and Williamsport may shortly become classified branches of the Hagerstown Post Office, thus putting them, postally speaking, in the status of Hagerstown suburbs.

The two communities would not lose their postal identities. Mail would continue to be addressed to the towns. But mail for the two towns would be handled out of the Hagerstown Post Office.

Week of Aug. 21, 1980

Thieves who stole a boat motor from a Williamsport man's fishing boat Sunday apparently had second thoughts, returning the motor Tuesday along with $40 for damage they caused to the boat.

After reporting the theft to deputies on Monday, Amos Banzhoff was approached by a man who told him the people who stole the motor were sorry. Banzhoff agreed not to prosecute if they returned the motor and paid for the damage.

Twenty-one Haitian refugees, who fled their poverty stricken country in small boats, arrived in Hagerstown this week to search for work and places to live.

For the time being, the young refugees have a place to stay and food to eat. But concerned officials say they don't know what will happen when federal funding for the group runs out next month.

Move over Erik Estrada, the Hagerstown Police Department is revving up its own corps of motorcycle cops.

Within a few months, the city's Blue Knights will be mounting 400cc Honda motorcycles to patrol the inner city.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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