McAdams brings appeal to taut 'Red Eye'

August 23, 2005|by TYLER AUSTIN and APRIL VESELY

The movie "Red Eye" opened across the country Friday, Aug. 19. The cast includes Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy and Brian Cox. Lisa Reisert (McAdams) meets a charming man (Murphy) on an overnight flight home. The mysterious man, Jackson Rippner, manipulates Reisert into a life-threatening plot involving her father. Taking place mainly on a plane, the 85-minute suspense film is rated PG-13 for language and intense sequences of violence.

April: So, Tyler, do you think "Red Eye" is as scary as the previews make it out to be?

Tyler: No, I don't. During points in the movie after Lisa Reisert (McAdams) and Jackson Rippner (Murphy) get off the plane, the plot gets a little less believable.

April: So do you think the plot falters?

Tyler: Yes, I think, in a real-life scenario, the situation would turn out differently. However, for a movie, I think the plot provides the necessary tension to keep the audience watching.


April: The suspense very rarely goes amiss. I kept clinging onto the wrists of the people I saw it with. Also, the cast includes excellent choices. Kudos to Rachel McAdams. She's a sweet people-pleaser in this movie, and yet she's a no-nonsense girl when she has to be. The Jack character is a pitch-perfect psychotic, and you know from the very beginning that there's something weird about him.

Tyler: Yes, Murphy makes a great antagonist, with his icy cool during the whole ordeal.

April: Right. Toward the end, he keeps that icy cool, though he reveals the creep that he really is at the same time.

Tyler: You know, the flight attendants seem a little dim during the flight. They take little notice of what is going on, and I think attendants would be a little more curious as to what was happening in their cabin.

April: Yeah, it seems as though everyone is a little oblivious, but this only adds to the suspense of the movie. I think the plane takeoff - and entire trip, for that matter - ties right into the excitement and terror of the plot perfectly.

Tyler: The storm that occurs while they are in the air also is, although a convention in thrillers, a nice touch.

April: Yes. Well, overall, I give it five out of five stars. The cast, setting, plot and special effects all had me either clinging to my seat or wanting more. I loved this movie.

Tyler: I give the movie a rating of three out of five stars because, while it's fairly thrilling, it isn't nearly as scary as it could be.

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